Reimagining UC Berkeley Campus and Community Safety Program


“We acknowledge that, over the years, the scope of law enforcement has grown, and it is time to re-assess it. We will focus the scope of police responsibilities on law enforcement, identifying opportunities to move responsibilities currently housed in the police department to other campus units, beginning with emergency management, Live Scan fingerprinting, access to buildings, and compliance with the crime reporting and transparency requirements of the Clery Act.

We will create a team of mental health professionals to serve as first responders in wellness checks and mental health emergencies in an effort to reduce the role of armed officers in non-criminal calls.

In order to make Sproul Hall an even more student-focused location, we will identify a site to which we will relocate the police department. We recognize that this area, so close to the front door and heart of the campus, can be made more welcoming.”

- Chancellor Christ 6/18/2020 email to campus


  • Security Technology: Restructuring C-Cure building access management, metal keys, security cameras, alarms
  • Mental Health Response: Restructuring the mental health response process
  • UCPD Relocation: Re-positioning UCPD departments out of Sproul Hall
  • Fingerprinting: Reassigning fingerprinting from UCPD to another department
  • Clery Act: Moving the Clery Act team reporting line and physical location
  • Office of Emergency Management: Moving the OEM reporting line and physical location

Measures of Success

  • Security Technology: Complete C-Cure transition to Facilities & IS&T by April, 2021
  • Mental Health Response: Define the option by March; complete transition by November, 2021
  • UCPD Relocation: Complete initial relocation by December, 2021
  • Fingerprinting: Complete phase I of 2nd fingerprinting location in January; complete optimized location by June, 2021
  • Clery Act: Complete realignment of Clery out of UCPD by January, 2021; complete move within Sproul Hall by January, 2022 after UCPD relocation
  • Office of Emergency Management: Complete realignment of OEM out of UCPD by November, 2020; complete move within Sproul Hall by January, 2022 after UCPD relocation

True North Focus Areas

  • People
  • Placemaking
  • Transformation

Project Team

  • Sponsor: Marc Fisher
  • Project Leads: Margo Bennett, Sally McGarrahan, Jenn Stringer, and Alicia Johnson
  • Project Managers: Russ Ballati and Isabel Nguyen
  • Change Manager: Chris DeMarco
  • Process Lead: Nick Endsley

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