Our Program Process


The Administrative Division established the True North Strategic Plan Program to guide action and decision-making within the VCA.

The framework includes the Mission, Vision, and Objectives for the VCA. Objectives are identified each fiscal year, which then inform the development of key performance indicators (KPIs) and selection of strategic projects.

A Framework Supported by Accountability and Continuous Improvement

Venn diagram with VCA leadership, project managers, and teams intersecting for strategic outcomes
Growth in Cross-Functional and Strategic Alignment occurs due to continuous improvement cycles

The Accountability Model

The True North Strategic Plan Program framework operates under the principle of shared responsibility, so that the ownership of strategic outcomes is shared among VCA leadership, department and project managers, and project teams.

Roles and responsibilities are further defined on who would develop objectives, deploy resources, and implement tactics towards achievement of strategic outcomes.

The Continuous Improvement Model

The True North Strategic Plan Program framework is implemented in an environment of continuous improvement, so that alignment between VCA objectives and project objectives is maintained through routine monitoring and improvement cycles.

VCA leadership engages with project teams by evaluating progress through dashboard reports, and sharing information and feedback during project presentations.