Transformation is one of the four focus areas that reflect the VCA’s FY22-25 priorities. We define Transformation as goals and activities enabling change and innovation. We consider the current environment to identify objectives, and develop key performance indicators that will track our progress.  


Key Performance Indicators

Reimagine UC Berkeley campus and community safety.

  • 100% of actions under the UC Community Safety Plan and applicable to UC Berkeley are completed by the expected completion date.
  • 100% of recommendations identified by the Independent Advisory Board are completed by the target completion date.
  • Achieve objectives of the Chancellor's Reimaging Public Safety Initiatives.
  • Lighting Initiatives: Enhance lighting around campus. Identify additional areas in which to improve lighting. Verify execution of City projects to improve lighting.

Develop an adaptable and flexible long-term hybrid, i.e. remote and in-person, workforce.

  • Majority of respondents to the Remote Work Survey think UC Berkeley benefits from offering Flexible Work Arrangements.

Increase process maturity across campus.

  • Increase process maturity of units actively engaged by the Business Process Management Office to achieve an average unit process maturity of Stage 2 or above.

Transition to renewable energy sources and decarbonization of the campus.

  • Complete IRAP integrated resource and activation plan by FY23.
  • Complete solar installation by FY23.

Improve programmatic access based on 2021 ADA Self-Evaluation. 

  • 100% of programs eliminated accessibility deficiencies through remediation process by December 2022.