Stewardship is one of the four focus areas that reflect the VCA’s FY22-25 priorities. We define Stewardship as goals and activities to manage UC Berkeley resources responsibly. We consider the current environment to identify objectives, and develop key performance indicators that will track our progress.  


Key Performance Indicators

Support financial recovery and stability.

  • In FY22-FY23, recover revenue to pre-COVID levels for parking.
  • Grow real estate revenue consistent with or above market for third party tenants.
  • Identify additional areas for governance and establish evaluation processes by end of FY22.
  • Degree of slowing down the decline of the division's ending balance.
  • Success in obtaining funding for critical needs.

Identify, advocate for, and secure critical project funding.

  • By FY23, develop a plan for identifying grants for the VCA Division.
  • Finalize, fund, and implement construction for one project using stormwater credit system by fall 2023.

As a “common good” pilot, develop a viable financial model for the network, facilities, utilities, and research support services (in participation with other units).

  • Develop proposal for indirect cost recovery (IDR) methodologies by fall 2021.
  • Pending approval, complete phase 1 of implementation plan by the beginning of FY23.