Re-Envision Onboarding


  • Define the end-to-end employee onboarding process
  • Provide clarity and transparency to the process and roles
  • Set clear expectations and timelines to the campus on the service that is provided
  • Improve the process through technology and less handoffs
  • Allow employees to be functional in their job and in systems on Day 1
  • Create a better experience for new hires throughout the onboarding process


  • Define “onboarding” from a campus, department, and BRS standpoint to unify and standardize the onboarding experience and service expectations

  • Perform a comprehensive review of and implement improvements to the onboarding process to reduce handoffs and redundancy, gain efficiencies, and improve communications around the process

Measures of Success

  • New Employee Onboarding Experience: Onboarding Satisfaction - newly hired employees are satisfied with their Onboarding experience, as reported in employee surveys

  • Adhere to Federal and State Compliance: Increased federal and state compliance with I-9 Employment Authorization Form, State Oath, and Patent; the Work Authorization Quality Assurance (WAQA) Workgroup is established
  • Regionalized Onboarding: All regions have established Onboarding support by the end of 2021 to address urgent, last-minute, or priority requests for their region
  • Automation: TBD

True North Focus Areas

  • People
  • Placemaking
  • Transformation

Project Team

  • Sponsor: Marc Fisher
  • Project Lead: Ann Jeffrey
  • Project Manager: Isabel Nguyen
  • Process Leads: Chris DeMarco and Priya Sarran-Persad
  • Communications Lead: Arliss Nakken

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