People is one of the four focus areas that reflect the VCA’s FY21 priorities. We consider the current environment to identify objectives and strategic projects for the fiscal year that address one or more focus areas, and develop key performance indicators that will track our progress.  

FY21 Objectives

FY21 Key Performance Indicators

Ensure employee morale levels are maintained amidst ongoing crisis events. 

Average VCA staff morale remains consistent during FY21 crisis events.

Develop an adaptable and flexible long-term remote workforce.

Decrease in sick leave taken by employees in the VCA Division in FY21 compared to past two fiscal years average.

Increase staff talent retention.

Achieve Talent Retention targets throughout FY21: 9% or less VCA Career Staff Annual Voluntary Separation Rate and 6% or greater Annual Promotion Rate.

Increase ergonomic health and safety of the remote workforce.

Monitor the number of ergonomic injury workers' compensation claims at remote workstations of VCA Division staff during FY21.